September 20, 2010

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Looking for a little Jersey attitude, circa 1986?  You're in the right place.

This little story was inspired by a video I recently saw of Jon talking about his first apartment.  When he told the story of the band shooting the album art for Slippery When Wet in the driveway, I was intrigued.

Here's how it happened... at least as I imagine it.

The story starts here.

August 17, 2010

Chapter 12


“Hey!  There they are!” David’s loud announcement rang out from across the room, over the jukebox music and the din of the late afternoon crowd.

“You actually made it,” Suzanne echoed, jumping on the bandwagon.  “We were beginning to wonder.” 

Kim smiled sheepishly in response to her girls’ knowing grins.  There was no use trying to deny what had happened at Jon’s apartment.  Marie, Wendy, Nicki, Carmen, and Suzanne could read her like a book.  They were all closer than sisters, and there were no secrets between them.

Jon let his hand linger at the small of Kimberly’s back as he guided her to a pair of empty seats at the end of the table, then pulled out a chair for her.  They exchanged a private little smile as Kim settled into the seat. 

“I’ll get us a couple dogs. You want a beer?”

Kim shook her head, declining Jon’s offer.  “No thanks.  Not before work.  A Coke?”

“Sure.  What do you want on your dog?”

“Mustard and relish.”

“Gotcha.”  Jon winked at Kim, then headed for the counter.

Kim took a deep breath and looked around the table.  Nine faces grinned back at her.  “Okay, just get it over with,” she sighed.

Wendy giggled.  “That was one long shower, Sister.”

“That or a damned fast one,” Marie argued with a dirty grin.  “As for the rest of the hour and a half you were gone…”

“Hey you two!  Back off!  You know Kim ain’t that kinda girl.”  Nicki’s sarcastic smirk was even more wicked than Marie’s.  “Maybe they stopped by church on the way here.  You know, to light a candle, confess their sins…”  She punctuated her taunt by making the sign of the cross over her chest.

Carmen snorted, almost choking on a swallow of beer.  David immediately came to her aid, melodramatically slapping her between the shoulder blades.  “Breathe!  BREATHE!” he urged.  “Do I need to do mouth-to mouth?  Chest compressions?”  His dramatics only made Carmen laugh harder, choking and wheezing in between giggles.

“Oh, I betcha there was some prayin’ goin’ on,” Richie drawled as he shared Nicki’s smirk.  He steepled his large hands together, palm to palm. “Oh GOD! Oh GOD!”  His voice raised to a breathy falsetto as his mischievous brown eyes twinkled with his tease.  Richie gave Kim a wink and an irresistible smile.  “Seriously, Darlin’…. we have to remind Jonny all the time that he’s NOT God.  You probably blew that all to Hell, didn’t ya?”

Kim blushed at Richie’s choice of words.  “Umm… I guess you could say that,” she admitted, ducking her head as she grinned guiltily.  She gave Carmen a sideways glance and saw her best friend smirking back at her.  Yep, Carmen also appreciated just apropos Richie’s words were, considering Kimberly’s oral skills.

Tico came to her rescue.  “So, a couple of us are gonna head to the Pony later, to catch Southside’s set.  You want to join us after you get off work?”

Kim smiled gratefully.  “Thanks, but I can’t.  I’m closing tonight.  I’ll be chasing drunks out long after last call.”

Carmen reached for her beer.  “You still okay for a ride home?”

“Yeah.  Sandy’s working tonight.  She’s gonna drop me off.”  Kim sighed.  “Hopefully Frankie will finish up my car this weekend.  Thanks for dragging me around the last couple days, Carm.”

Carmen waved her hand dismissively.  “No problem.”

“Who’s Frankie?” 

Kim started as she heard Jon’s voice behind her.  She looked up as he leaned over to set a tray laden with drinks and hot dogs on the table in front of his empty seat.  His expression was serious, a note of suspicion in his tone. 

“Her older brother.” Nicki answered for Kim as she picked up her plastic cup of soda, pulling the straw to her lips.  “He’s rebuilding her engine.  And taking a fucking long time doing it.” 

Kim heard Jon exhale at Nicki’s explanation, just a soft little rumble as he settled into his chair beside her.  “Oh.  What kind of car do you have?”

“A piece of shit, obviously,” Kim smiled when she heard that sexy chuckle, relieved that Jon’s voice was gentle once again.  He had actually sounded a little jealous.  “A ’77 Nova.”

“Nice.”  Jon nodded.  “Is it fixed up?”

Kim shook her head as she reached for the Coke Jon had brought her.  “Nah.  Frankie keeps saying he’s gonna do it, but he never does.”

“Ya know Kim, Jonny’s pretty good with cars.”  Richie could barely contain himself, wanting to rib his buddy about violating his brand-new rule of residential secrecy.  He grinned widely as Jon gave him a questioning look.  “He likes to get under the hood and uh… tinker around.”

“Oh, does he now?” Kim asked coyly, reading Richie’s double entendre loud and clear.  She couldn’t help but smile at Richie’s teasing.  His happy-go-lucky attitude was too appealing.  “How about you?  I bet you’ve done a little chassis work in your day.”  She winked and returned Richie’s grin.

The dark-haired guitarist smirked and leaned back in his chair, slipping an arm around Nicki who immediately snuggled against his side.  “You might say that, Darlin’.”  He returned Kimberly’s wink.

“Wait, we’re still talkin’ about sex, right?” David wisecracked, feigning ignorance.  He grinned goofily as everyone at the table laughed.  “Cause that’s a whole lot more fun than playing grease monkey.”  David turned his sparkling, mischief-filled gaze to Carmen, who giggled again.

Kim and Jon settled into their lunch while they enjoyed playful banter with their friends.  As they ate and drank they exchanged sidelong glances and conspiratorial little smiles.  Several times Jon slipped his hand under the table to give Kim’s knee a gentle squeeze, making her heart race.

All too soon it was time for Kim to depart.  With a weary sigh she pushed back her chair.  “Well, guys… I hate to be the party pooper, but duty calls.”  She really didn’t want to go to work, especially now that she had heard her friends’ plans for the evening.  

Kim was jealous; they were going to have a fantastic time partying with their new guy friends at the Stone Pony while she was slinging drinks a couple miles away.  But she had no choice; her rent and fall tuition weren’t going to pay for themselves.

“I’ll be back in a little bit,” Carmen promised David, pushing back her chair.  “Just gonna run Kim to work.”  She blushed when he captured her hand and brought it to his lips.

“I’ll be counting the seconds, Gorgeous.”

David’s romantic gesture was immediately met with jeers and curses from the others gathered around the table.

Kim laughed at Carmen’s embarrassment, pushing back her own chair.  She smiled when Jon leaped from his seat to assist her, in his own gentlemanly action.  

“Your bag’s in my car,” Jon announced, a bit obviously.  “I’ll get it for you.”  Before Richie could make another smartass comment Jon turned and nudged Kim toward the door. 

She didn’t need his encouragement. Kimberly was dying for one last minute alone with Jon, so she could say her thanks and goodbye without an audience.  She hoped Carmen would realize what was up and give her some space. 

As the trio exited the restaurant, Kim caught Carmen’s eye.  Her friend smirked and nodded, completely understanding the message Kim silently conveyed.

“I had to park on the side street.  I’ll pull around and pick you up in front, ‘kay Kim?”  Without waiting for a response Carmen turned and walked away.

Out of sight of their friends, Jon reached for Kimberly’s hand.  Wordlessly they walked through the small parking lot, to the spot at the back where Jon’s white 280Z was parked.  When they reached the car, Jon turned to smile at Kim, his long hair stirring in the slight ocean breeze.  “Sucks you have to go to work.”

“Yeah.”  Kim sighed regretfully. 

Jon leaned back against the car’s door, tugging Kim gently toward him.  She stepped in close, sighing softly as Jon released her hand and slipped his arms around her waist.  Her hands moved to his chest, her fingertips again tracing over the pendants that lay nestled in his soft fur, revealed by the ripped vee-neck of his t-shirt.  Her hazel eyes met his sparkling blue gaze and she melted.

“Thanks.”  Kim’s voice was almost a whisper.  “I had a great time.”

“Me too.”  Jon chuckled.  “Wanna do it again sometime?”

Kim smiled at his invitation, then dropped her gaze to her hands on his chest.  “Jon, I told you, you don’t have to do that.  It’s okay.”

“What if I want to do that?  See you again?”

Kim sighed at the seductive timbre of his voice.  Damn, that voice.  “You guys have a record coming out soon.  You can’t tell me you’re gonna be hanging around here much longer.”  She again raised her gaze to meet Jon’s.

“No, we’re heading out to California in a few weeks.” Jon admitted.  “And after that we’ll be getting ready for a tour.”

“So…”  Kim smiled gently, not wanting to sound mean.  “Maybe it’s better we don’t start something we know we can’t finish.”

“Maybe.”  Jon felt a little stab of disappointment at that thought.  Dammit, his timing was always shitty.  He had assumed his couple months back home would be filled with regular female companionship, but he hadn’t considered that he might meet a girl he actually wanted to get to know.  And now that he had, time was short. 

Jon sighed heavily, pulling Kim a little closer.  He smiled ruefully back at her.  “Thanks for a great afternoon, though.”

Kim giggled softly.  “It was fun, wasn’t it?”

OH yeah.”  Jon’s lips found Kim’s as he breathed his agreement.  She melted against his chest as they savored a long, bittersweet kiss.

Finally, reluctantly, Kim pulled back from their embrace.  “I really do have to go.”

“I’ll walk you to the front.”

Jon retrieved Kimberly’s backpack from his car and slung it over his shoulder, again clasping his hand around Kim’s.  They ambled slowly toward Max’s street-front entrance, where Carmen’s silver Monte Carlo waited at the curb.

Pausing by the passenger door, Kim turned to face Jon.  “Goodbye, Jon.  Thanks again.”

“Bye Kim.”  Jon couldn’t resist her soft, shiny lips.  One last time he leaned in to taste them, giving her a lingering whisper of a kiss.  Then he pulled open the car door, holding it as she climbed inside.  He handed Kim’s backpack in, closed the door, and stepped back from the curb.  Jon shoved his hands into the pockets of his cutoffs as he watched the car pull away, out onto Ocean Boulevard.

As Carmen guided the car into traffic Kim couldn’t help but glance back over her shoulder.  She sighed softly at the sight of Jon standing on the sidewalk, his bronzed body taut and motionless, his soft hair rippling in the breeze, a wistful smile on his beautiful face.

Carmen glanced sideways at her friend as Kim turned back around to stare out the windshield.   “That good, huh?”

Not averting her gaze, Kim smiled.  “Carm, I can’t even begin to tell you…”

Carmen chuckled at Kim’s dreamy expression.  “You don’t have to, Babe.  That smile says it all.”


Kim stifled a yawn as she strolled toward the end of the bar.  Pausing for a moment to drop her rag on the smooth wood surface, she smiled to herself.  Turning her head slightly, Kim dropped her chin to her shoulder and sniffed.  Under the musty aroma of stale beer and cigarette smoke that clung to her clothing she could smell a faint, clean scent.

“Fresh and clean as a whistle,” Kim murmured to herself with a chuckle, before turning her attention to the booth at the back of the bar.  “Hey, you guys ready to clear out?”

A burst of raucous laughter followed her inquiry as the band shared some unintelligible joke or story or crazy idea.  Rolling her eyes and shaking her head slightly, Kim realized she was going to have to get up close and personal to get these idiots moving.  She walked over to the booth, fixing a relaxed smile on her lips though she really just wanted to scowl.

“Hey guys?  Last call was forty-five minutes ago.  You gotta head out so I can close up.”  Kim smiled sweetly at the bass player.  Rudy had been flirting with her for weeks now, and she knew he was her best bet to get the rest of the band and their hangers-on moving. 

“If we go, does that mean you’re officially off-duty?”  Rudy smirked hopefully.

“Yeah, Rudy, something like that.”  Kim chuckled at the shaggy blonde musician’s pathetic attempt to flirt.  “You want me to call you guys a cab?  Or are you gonna stumble home tonight?”

“Who says we’re goin’ home?”  Rudy reached out to grab Kim’s hand and missed, listing slightly as the movement threw off his balance.  “Unless you wanna go there with me, Sweetheart.”

“Not tonight, Darlin’.”  Kim tried to be patient with the inebriated musician as she attempted to point him toward the door.  “I have to get up early in the morning.”

“Awww, Come ON, Kim..” Rudy wheedled.  “You always say that.  You… you won’t even let me buy you a drink.”

Kim fought the urge to roll her eyes.  “I can’t drink when I’m at work, Rudy.  You know that.”

“Then… then close up the bar and you won’t be workin’ and drink with us!”  Rudy declared triumphantly, proud he had solved the problem.

Kim shook her head, giving the bassist another encouraging smile.  “C’mon, Baby.  Please?  I’m SO tired….”  Obviously flirtation was going to be the only way she was getting this bunch out tonight.  She reached out and clasped her hand around Rudy’s, tugging gently as she urged him up out of the booth.

Rudy grinned and stood unsteadily, then slipped his other arm around Kim’s shoulders.  She tried not to flinch at his whiskey-breath as the big blonde man leaned in close, grinning broadly.  “I get these guys out of here for you, ‘kay Kim?”  Next time we gig, you let me buy you a drink.  Next weekend, ‘kay Baby?”

“Sounds promising,” Kim nodded, turning Rudy toward the door.

“Come on, assholes!” Rudy announced.  “Kim’s gotta go home.  She’s tired, for fuck’s sake!”  Relishing his role as Kimberly’s champion, Rudy prodded and commanded his bandmates and their girls up and out of the booth.  His reward was a peck on the cheek from Kim as she ushered the group to the side door.

Once she had practically shoved the band out the door and locked it securely behind them, Kim returned to the bar.  Picking up the rag she had left earlier, Kim turned to face the stock.  Taking quick inventory of the bottles on the wall behind the bar, she made a few notes of what needed to be replenished before tomorrow night’s opening.  Then she grabbed the rag and began wiping down the counter under the stock shelves.

As she worked Kim glanced at her watch. Two-twenty.  Pete the Manager was counting the register in the back office; he had let Tina and Lori go home already.  Manny the Bouncer was undoubtedly out on the corner, having a smoke.  Now it was just her and Sandy, who was wiping down tables in the back room.  As soon as her co-worker finished with that task they could finally get the Hell out of this place.

She almost groaned out loud when she heard the door swing open, the noise of the street swirling in to the now-quiet establishment.

“Last call was an hour ago,” Kim barked out, not bothering to turn around.  “We’re closed.”

“Aww, c’mon Bartender… You can’t even pour me ONE little drink?”

That seductive, honeyed purr sent a tingle of excitement racing through Kim’s body, followed by a flush of heat.  A gentle smile curved her lips as Kim sucked in a deep breath and slowly turned to face him.

Jon looked delicious.  Kim’s eyes widened at the sight at him standing behind the row of barstools, his hands shoved deep into the front pockets of his ripped, faded jeans.  The sleeves of his black t-shirt were rolled up to show off his biceps, and his shaggy bangs fell softly over a folded purple bandana secured across his forehead.

And his smile… Jesus.  That smile made her weak.

“What are you doing here?” Kim asked softly, unable to keep a little tremble of excitement from her voice.

“Thought maybe you could use a ride home.”  Jon chuckled huskily at Kim’s surprise.

“Actually, Sandy was going to drop me off.  Besides, you don’t know where I live.”  Kim smiled coyly as she made that point.

“No, but you know where I live.”  Jon reached for his back pocket. “And…” He smirked sexily as he produced a paper-covered rectangle.  “I bought new soap.”

Kim tossed her head back with laughter as she recognized the Ivory logo on the wrapper.  Her sparkling hazel eyes met Jon’s gleaming blue.  “Well.  How can a girl resist an offer like that?” 

“I was hoping you couldn’t.”

Kim hesitated for a moment, grinning back at Jon, then tossed her rag into the sink behind the bar.   

“Ready when you are.”


August 11, 2010

Chapter 11


With a rueful little smile Kim pushed herself up off the mattress and headed for the bathroom.  All good things must come to an end, and her little afternoon rendezvous certainly had been good.  Fantastic, in fact.

When she stepped into the small room Kim chuckled quietly.  It was the ugliest bathroom she had ever seen, the walls tiled in avocado green, gray, and black porcelain squares with a gray linoleum floor.  A hideous moss-green faux-marbled laminate countertop surrounded a scuffed green sink bowl.  Even the toilet was green.  And just like Jon predicted, the seat was up.

Kim tugged open the water-stained door to the shower cubicle and reached inside to turn on the tap.  She squeaked when frigid water rained down on her from the shower head.  Dialing up the hot water knob all the way, she stepped back and closed the door.

Kimberly flipped down the toilet seat and relieved herself, then looked under the vanity for a clean towel and washcloth.  She found them, along with a gigantic package of toilet paper, a large box of condoms, three cans of AquaNet hairspray, and a big, professional-grade hair dryer.  

Giggling quietly, she gave in to her curiosity and pulled open the mirrored front of the medicine cabinet.  Inside she saw the usual male hygiene and first aid products.  At least there was no medication to treat crabs, like she had found in a previous lover’s medicine cabinet.  That relationship had come to an abrupt end.

Setting the towel on the vanity, Kim pulled open the door and stepped into the now-tepid shower.  She raised her face to the spray and wet her hair before standing still for a minute, closing her eyes and letting the water rain down over her body.

“Need somebody to wash your back?”

Kim jumped when she heard Jon’s voice on the other side of the shower door.  She opened her eyes and saw his silhouette through the frosted glass.  A surge of excitement swept over her at the thought of Jon’s wet, hard body sliding against hers.  As tiny as this shower was, they wouldn’t be able to avoid contact if they wanted to.

“Sure.” Kim held her breath as she waited for Jon’s reply.

The shower door popped open, swinging outward.  A draft of cool air swirled in, preceding Jon’s entrance.  Kim shivered as her nipples contracted at the breeze and at the sight of the gorgeous, naked man outside the door.

“Looks like you found what you need.” Jon observed, stepping into the cubicle.  Kim shrank back against the wall to give him room, gasping softly at the contact of the cool tile with her skin.  Jon chuckled as he pulled the door shut behind him.

Reaching up to adjust the showerhead so the spray rained straight down, Jon grinned at Kim.  “Well, look at you.  All nice and slippery.”  His eyes dropped appreciatively to her puckered nipples.  “Slippery when Wet.”

Kim giggled at his corny reference to his band’s album title.  “Oh, is this where you got the idea for the record?”  Her eyes sparkled as she smiled up at him.

“Uh huh.”  Jon nodded.  “There were these titty clubs in Vancouver, where we recorded the tracks.  The strippers would take showers on stage.”  He pursed his lips into a sexy pout before grinning again.  “You could say we were… um… influenced by our surroundings.”

“Ah.  I see.”  Kim smirked coyly.  “You ever get up there and join them?”

“Nah.  I just watched.”  Jon reached up to gently cup Kim’s breast in his palm.  “You’d get kicked out if you tried to get up onstage, anyway.  Ask Richie.”

Kim laughed at that.  She had no problem at all picturing the mischievous guitarist trying such a stunt.  Her laugh faded to a soft purr as Jon raised his other hand to her chest.  He fondled both her breasts as he dropped his mouth to Kim’s, kissing her langorously.

“Mmmmm….” Kim hummed as Jon pushed his hips forward until his body contacted hers.  Once again she felt a thick, rigid length of flesh pressing against her abdomen.  She giggled.  “Well, that didn’t take long.”  Kim dropped her hand between their bodies, gently grasping Jon’s shaft.

Jon grinned.  “Just the thought of you in here, all naked and soapy…” He didn’t finish his thought, instead capturing her mouth again.  He groaned softly as Kim’s fist tightened around his cock, squeezing gently before sliding up and down.

“I’m not soapy.  Haven’t had a chance yet,” Kim mumbled against Jon’s mouth.

“Let me,” Jon pulled away from the kiss and reached for a bar of soap.  Waving it under the water, he clasped the green-striped cube between his hands and rubbed. 

Kim giggled and wrinkled her nose as the soap’s strong, familiar scent wafted through the warming shower’s steam.  “Irish Spring?”

“Sorry.  It’s all I have.”  Jon shrugged sheepishly.

“It’s okay.”  Kim grinned saucily and quoted the commercial.  “Fresh and clean as a whistle.”

Jon laughed, then pursed his lips for a wolf-whistle.  His smile turned to a smirk as he lowered the bar to Kim’s breast, sliding the foamy block over her skin.  Kim exhaled softly with the contact, then sucked in a sharp breath as Jon gently pinched at her nipples.  She raised her hands to Jon’s damp chest, combing her fingertips through his thick hair and scraping over the hard nailheads capping his pecs.

“Mmmm… Baby….” Jon purred as his hands slipped down Kim’s torso to her abdomen, tickling as he lathered her skin.  He rocked forward, again pressing her against the wall in the confined space.

“I need some soap,” Kim whispered huskily, reaching down to cover Jon’s hand with hers.  She attempted to take the bar from his palm, but squeaked when it slipped from her grasp and clattered to the shower floor.

Jon grinned naughtily.  “You gonna pick that up?”

Kim arched an eyebrow at his question.  “You want me to?”

“Oh yeah.”  Jon turned his body and took a half-step back to give Kim room to move.  His ass pressed back against tile as Kim crouched to retrieve the soap, lowering her head as she ducked under the shower’s spray.  He laughed softly as she scrabbled blindly around the shower floor for a moment, chasing the slippery bar. 

In assistance, Jon reached up to adjust the shower head, redirecting its spray toward his chest.  He quickly ducked his head under the water, running his fingers through his hair and slicking it back against his scalp.  He chuckled deep in his throat when Kim bumped against his shins in pursuit of the soap.  

Jon swiped his hands over his face, brushing the water away from his eyes.  His chuckle turned to a husky groan when he felt Kim’s hands on his thighs.  Jon looked down to see Kim smirking up at him, kneeling at his feet.  He watched as Kim half-closed her eyes, then extended her tongue toward his cock.  

“Oh, Baby…” Jon rumbled as Kim dragged her tongue up the length of his shaft and closed her lips over his head.  She suckled gently for a moment, then reached up to angle his dick downward so she could take him fully into her mouth.

Jesus, Kim!” Jon gasped delightedly.  He sank back against the wall, his palms flattening against the cool tile.  He chuckled again, hardly able to believe his luck.  This girl who had caught his eye because of her cool confidence was not only a great lay, she gave fantastic head.  And he genuinely liked her.  Maybe he should think about making this more than a little “afternoon delight.”

As Jon mused about that possibility he was partially distracted from Kim’s actions.  But when he felt something smooth and hard rubbing over his balls his attention immediately snapped back to the present. 

“Oh FUCK!”  Jon realized that Kim was rubbing the soap against the insides of his thighs as she sucked him, gently massaging the quivering flesh there.  His head tipped back and his eyes fluttered shut as he let out a happy groan. He heard the soft thunk of the soap again hitting the floor before he felt Kim’s fingers close around his sac.  “Ohhhhh… GOD, Baby….”

Kim chuckled at Jon’s reaction, her mouth full of him.  Pulling slightly back from his crotch but not releasing him she looked up at Jon, admiring the curves and angles of his chest, neck, chin, and jaw.  Lord, she didn’t think she had ever seen a sexier man.  He would surely soon make one hell of a rock star.

And she could say she blew him back when.

Kim giggled at her private joke, the noise vibrating off Jon’s shaft.  The sensation roused him from his reverie and he dropped his head to look at her.  After staring down at Kim for a long moment, he reached to nudge at her shoulder.  “Come here.”  Jon’s voice was husky and passion-laden, even over the soft drum of the shower’s spray.

Kim let Jon slip from her mouth and sat back on her heels, looking up at him in surprise.  He had such a serious expression on his gorgeous face.  She hoped she hadn’t done something wrong.

Jon extended his hand to Kim and she took it, climbing carefully to her feet in the cramped space.  As she rose she couldn’t avoid sliding her body against Jon’s.  Kim stared breathlessly into Jon’s smoldering blue eyes as she felt her pulse race.

Jon stared back at Kim for a long moment before slowly raising his hands to cup her face.  Keeping his gaze locked with hers, he slowly lowered his head until their lips touched.  This time his kiss was tender and patient, not full of urgency and want though his body was so obviously ready for action.

Kim melted against Jon’s body as he deepened the kiss.  His hands left her face and brushed down her arms, then slipped to her waist.  He sighed softly as her hips pressed to his, capturing his erection between them. 

“Kim… you’re amazing.”  Jon stared into Kim’s beautiful hazel eyes as she gazed wide-eyed up at him.  For once he wasn’t lying, trying to make the girl-of-the-moment feel special so she’d let him use her body as his playground.  This time he meant it; this girl really was something.  He didn’t want to toy with her.

“Thanks.  So are you.” Her voice was quiet and even, though Jon could feel her heart thudding in her chest as he pressed his torso to hers.

Jon smiled again and slipped his hands downward, over her firm buttocks.  Kim’s eyes widened slightly as Jon bent his knees, then grasped the backs of her thighs.  She slid her arms around his neck as Jon turned her so her back was to the tile wall, then lifted. 

Kim squeaked softly as Jon pressed her against the cool tile, raising her hips above his.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, crossing her ankles behind him as she held on tightly to his neck.  “Jon…” she breathed as she felt his swollen head probing at her entrance.

“Relax, Baby…” Jon murmured in Kim’s ear, his voice making her sigh.  With firm hands on her hips, Jon guided her down onto his shaft, her back sliding against the cool, wet tile as he filled her with his hard warmth.

“Ohhhhh…”  Kim’s whispered sigh sent a shiver through Jon.  He responded in kind, exhaling blissfully as he held her still, savoring the feel of her enveloping him.  Their earlier coupling had been frantic and wild; he hadn’t fully appreciated just how good Kim’s body felt against and around his.

Jon dropped his head to suck at Kim’s neck as he held her against the shower wall, impaled on his shaft.  Arching her back slightly, Kim tipped her head to allow his lips full access to the slender column of her throat.  “My God, Jon…” she breathed.  She slightly loosened her arms around his neck, arching further so that her slick breasts swelled against his hard pecs.  “Oh, Baby… fuck me.”

Jon growled softly in response and raised his face to hers.  “Okay.”  Holding her hips firmly, he leaned back a bit as he widened his stance and bent his knees.

Kim gasped as Jon pinned her to the wall, holding her motionless, as he pulled back his hips.  The angle at which he held her made his rigid cock drag hard against her forward wall as he withdrew.  The fantastic sensation made her whimper.  Kim’s vocalization turned into a full-throated moan as Jon shoved hard up into her, rocking his pelvis rapidly with jackhammer thrusts.

“Oh CHRIST!  KIM!” Jon gasped as his climax swelled.  He couldn’t believe the intensity of his pleasure as he drove into Kim’s hot core again and again and again.  He had fucked girls in the shower before, but never in this shower and never like this.

Kim wailed in response, her nails biting into Jon’s back as she held on for dear life, trying not to collapse with ecstasy.  She knew Jon wouldn’t let her fall:  Hell, how could he?  His hands were clenched over her hips like a pair of vises, and with every grunting thrust he propelled her upward against the slick wall.  She was more afraid of the intensity of the orgasm threatening to overwhelm her.  She could very well pass out.

“OH…. MY….. GOD…..”  Jon grunted with a trio of powerful thrusts.  “God….KIMMMMM!!!!!”  He announced his explosion with a hoarse howl.  

Kim’s voice joined his as she came, shuddering against the wall as Jon slumped forward onto her.  Instinctively Kim’s arms tightened around Jon’s neck as she squeezed her legs around his waist.  She felt Jon’s hands relax on her hips, then slide under her ass.

They stood motionless in the steamy little cubicle for what seemed like an eternity, clinging to each other and fighting to regain control of their bodies.  Finally Jon grasped the backs of Kim’s thighs and peeled her slowly off the shower wall.  Carefully he lowered her legs, helping her stand, his arms slipping around her waist once she found her footing.  

Jon held Kim in a tight embrace, feeling her heart pound in rhythm with his.  It felt good.

Kim sighed and rested her cheek against Jon’s chest as she listened to the rapid drum of his heartbeat.  She didn’t want to leave his arms, though she knew she had to.  The way Jon made her feel, just in the span of a few short hours… it was intense, euphoric.  She didn’t want to come down off this high.

“Hey.” Jon’s voice was soft in her ear and tinged with apology.  “We probably better get you cleaned up and ready for work.”

Kim raised her head from Jon’s chest and smiled ruefully up at him.  “Yeah.”

Jon returned her regretful smile, then lowered his mouth to Kim’s for a long, sweet kiss.  “Thanks,” he whispered.

Kim smiled and reached for the shampoo.

August 9, 2010

Chapter 10


Jon almost came right then and there. 

Kim’s husky voice was strong, commanding, causing his cock to jump to attention.  Jon groaned in response, his lips curving into a sexy pout.  In a lithe movement he slipped Kim’s legs from his shoulders and shoved his cutoffs down his thighs.  Jon sprang from his knees and crawled up onto the bed between Kim’s parted legs.  She scooted upward on the mattress as Jon leaned forward, covering her with his body.

“You want me to fuck you, huh?”  Jon growled as he hooked a hand behind Kim’s thigh.  He pulled upward, bending her leg at the knee as he pushed forward against her.  “How do you want it, Kim?”

“Hard.”  Kim’s voice was breathy but firm.  “Fuck me hard, Jon.”

“Mmmm.  You like it hard, huh?”  Jon chuckled wickedly.  “And here I thought you were one of those nice, quiet, innocent girl-next-door chicks.”

“Yeah, well…  the girl next door is usually a lot wilder than everybody thinks.”

Breathing hard, Kim stared into Jon’s blazing blue eyes.  He was hovering just inches above her, his left hand braced on the mattress beside her shoulder and his right hand gripping the back of her thigh.  As her chest heaved her nipples brushed against the wiry hair covering his hard pecs.  God, what was he trying to DO to her?  Why didn’t he just shut up and fuck her already? 

“Baby… are you on the pill?”  Jon’s quiet question answered Kim’s concern, and surprised her just a little bit.  Most guys wouldn’t think of birth control once the launch sequence had been activated and the missile was ready to leave the silo.

Kim nodded, blushing slightly.  “Yes.  Of course.  I’m not stupid.”

Jon grinned.  “Good.  I fucking hate rubbers.”

Kim giggled.  “Me too.  They take too damned long to put on.”

Jon chuckled again as Kim bent her other knee, lifting her pelvis slightly in invitation.  His cock throbbed in response, telling him it was time to abandon this discussion and get down to business.

“Ohhhhh, Baby…” Jon groaned as he pushed his hips forward, penetrating her.  He let go of Kim’s leg and braced his hand against the mattress beside Kim’s shoulder, shifting his weight forward as he dropped his lower body against hers.

“Oh my GOD!” Kim gasped as Jon’s thick shaft shoved inside her, stroking the hyper-sensitized nerves embedded in her walls.  Of their own accord her hands went to Jon’s hips.  She dug her fingertips roughly into his flesh as if trying to urge him deeper into her.

FUCK, Baby… you feel GOOD…”Jon growled, pausing for a moment to draw in a deep breath then puffing it out, ruffling his shaggy bangs.  He dropped his head and his hair tumbled over his shoulders, curtaining the sides of Kim’s flushed face as she stared up at him.  Jon’s eyes locked with hers and he saw her need.  It matched his own.

“Ohhhhhhhhh BABY….”  Jon began to rapidly pulse his hips against Kim’s, rubbing the head of his cock deep inside her before drawing back with a long stroke.  Kim cried out at the fantastic sensation, further fueling his passion.  He shoved his hips forward, hard, making her arch under him.

“OH!  YES!” Kim yelped.  “Do it again!  Harder!”  Her eyes squeezed closed and her mouth fell open.  Her legs strained as she bucked her hips up against his, trying to draw him deeper into her hot core.

Jesus, Baby…” Jon panted.  He grinned with delight at her vocalization.  This was a girl who knew what she wanted, no doubt.  “You want more?”

“Yes! YES!” Kim commanded breathlessly, forcing her eyes open to stare up at him.  Her gaze demanded his obedience.

“Alright, Baby… I’m gonna give it to ya…” Jon growled.  His torso dipped slightly as he flexed his arms, then pushed himself upward.  Roughly grasping Kim’s hips, he held her tight against him as he rose to his knees, lifting her with him.  Kim whimpered excitedly and pushed her pelvis upward to maintain their union.  “Oh GOD!” Jon rasped as the muscles of her womb flexed around him with the movement.  “Oh KIM!”

“JON!”  Kim cried in response as Jon pounded against her, driving his shaft deeper and deeper with powerful thrusts.  “OH, YESSSSSS!”  she moaned as her lids hooded her gleaming hazel eyes.  Kimberly felt her climax threatening, the fuse to detonation shortening by the second as Jon rammed into her again and again and again.  He was giving her what she wanted; Kim couldn’t remember the last time she had been so forcefully or so deeply fucked. 

“Oh… Oh Kim…. Oh KIM!  Oh…. UHHHHHHHHH……”

Kim moaned along with Jon’s guttural groan as his seed shot forth inside her.  His ejaculation was met by the flood of her own release as her body convulsed against his.  Kim flung her arms out to her sides, clutching at the sheets as her back arched with the force of her orgasm.  The room spun and her eyes squeezed closed, her head thrashing from side to side as her entire body spasmed with ecstasy. 

Kimberly writhed for a long minute as the wave of passion crashed over her, then slowly subsided.  Eventually her body relaxed slightly, leaving her panting and twitching as she remained coupled with Jon.

Jon’s fingers dug into Kim’s hips as he gasped in shallow breaths, trying to calm his racing pulse.  Kim slowly opened her eyes and looked down her body at the man who had just given her the most mind-blowing orgasm she could recall ever having.  Her breath caught in her throat at the stunning sight. 

Jon’s head was tossed back, his eyes closed and his mouth open as he panted.   Beads of perspiration dotted his exposed neck and his Adam’s apple extended as he made a hard swallow before gulping in more air.  Jon’s sweaty, thick hair flowed down his back and his broad chest glistened as it heaved while he tried to catch his breath.  The muscles of his arms were flexed as he held Kim’s hips locked to his. 

Kim’s eyes wandered down Jon’s flat stomach, following the fuzzy stripe past his navel to where the thick mat of his dark brown fur mingled with her lighter curls.  She whimpered softly.  It was the most erotic thing she had ever seen.

Kimberly’s quiet mew brought Jon back.  His fingers relaxed slightly against her hips as he pulled his head forward and opened his eyes.  Seeing Kim’s glittering hazel eyes watching him, Jon smiled.  “Christ, Kim.  That was fucking amazing.”  He blew out a long breath.  “You made me cum so hard I about passed out.”

Kim chuckled voicelessly.  “Me too.” Her eyes glowed with satisfaction as she smiled back at Jon.  “God, you were good.”

Jon laughed hoarsely at her compliment.  “Thanks Baby.  Back atcha.”  He grinned at her before dropping his gaze.  Kim watched as Jon stared for a long moment at their joining then pulled his hips back, slowly withdrawing his cock from her pussy.   His lips pursed with fascination as he watched their separation.

Kim released her grip on the sheets and pulled her hands in to rest on her abdomen as Jon gently lowered her hips to the bed.  He sat back on his heels, dragging a hand through his sweaty hair as he drew in and blew out another deep breath.  Again he looked at Kim, his azure eyes sparkling.  

Slowly Jon leaned forward, bracing his hands on either side of Kim’s shoulders, then leaned down to place a soft kiss on her full lips.  His tongue slipped into her mouth, stroking gently over hers.  “Wow.” Jon whispered when their lips parted.  “I’m glad I went looking for girls on the beach today.”

Kim giggled at that.  “Yeah, well.  I guess you found one.”

Jon grinned at Kimberly and shifted sideways, settling on his hip beside her.  The mattress squeaked softly as he stretched out on his side, propping himself up on an elbow.  “Yeah, I sure did.”  He reached out to draw a finger over Kim’s flat stomach, tracing around her bellybutton.  “So, what are you doing this weekend?”

Kim’s lips parted in surprise, then curved into a wry little smile.  “Jon, it’s okay.  We don’t have to play this game.  I’m a big girl, I know what this is.”

“Oh?  What is this?”  Jon gave Kim an inquisitive look.

“Two people who were very attracted to each other and who acted on that attraction.”  Kim met Jon’s gaze.  “I get it.  This isn’t my first one-night stand.”  She smiled again.  “Well, I guess it’s my first one-afternoon stand.”

Jon smiled gently, looking down at his hand on Kim’s stomach.  This certainly wasn’t his first time whiling away an afternoon in bed with a hot girl.  Normally this would be the first game of a day-night double-header for him.  But for some reason he felt completely satisfied after his encounter with Kim.  Jon moved his hand to cover Kimberly’s where it rested on her lower abdomen.

“One-afternoon stand?” he chuckled quietly.  He raised his eyes to Kim’s again.  “Sky rockets in flight… Afternoon delight…. Hey hey hey afternoon delight…” he sang, a smile in his husky voice.

Kim giggled quietly, smiling back at him.  She and Jon regarded each other for a moment before she sighed.  “What time is it?”

With a little grunt Jon rolled onto his back and looked over his shoulder at the clock radio on his night stand.  “Two fifty-six.”  He rolled back onto his side to face Kim.  “What time do you have to be at work?”

“Four-thirty.”  Kim sighed.  “I better get moving.  The girls are gonna wonder what happened to me.”

“I think the girls know what happened to you.” Jon grinned and leaned forward to give Kim another soft kiss. 

Kim giggled against Jon’s mouth.  “Yeah, you’re probably right.”  She sighed again as Jon pulled back and gazed at her.  “But I do need to get in the shower.”

“Okay.”  Jon pushed himself up onto his hip and nodded to a closed door.  “Bathroom’s through there.  I’ll go get your bag for you.”

“Thanks.”  Kim watched as Jon sat up and scooted to the end of the bed, then stood.  Her eyes followed him as he gave her a little grin and a wink then padded to the bedroom door, his long, lush hair swinging above his perfect ass as he moved. 

When Jon disappeared through the doorway Kim sighed softly.  She really wished it didn’t have to be this way, but she was a realist.  Jon was a musician, and a gorgeous, funny, and charming one at that.  He undoubtedly had girls lining up to sleep with him.  He would probably be bedding some big-titted blonde like Nicki after last call tonight, while she was closing up the bar and herding drunk couples out into the alley.

But he sure was fun for an afternoon.

August 7, 2010

Chapter 9


Kim couldn’t stop a giddy little giggle from escaping her lips as Jon towed her down the short hallway to his bedroom.  Her body was tingling with excitement, a heated flush spreading from head to toe in anticipation of what was about to happen.

Breathlessly Jon pulled Kim through the bedroom doorway.  His cock was throbbing with want, aching for release.  But more than that, he wanted to feel her naked body writhing under his, arcing up to meet his thrusts.  The little oral appetizer she had just given him made Jon positive Kimberly would be a fantastic fuck.  It had been awhile since he’d had a girl who could match his sexual prowess; he was eager to confirm his suspicions about this one.

“C’mere,” Jon breathed, yanking Kim to him.  He kissed her hard, backing her up against the wall in two short steps.  Kim squeaked against his mouth as her ass bumped into the wall before he pinned her there with his body.  Her hands went to his chest as Jon fumbled at the waistband of her shorts, trying to undo the snap and zipper there.

“Need a little help?” Kim chuckled, her lips sliding from Jon’s mouth along his cheek to his ear.

“Nope.”  Jon yanked open Kim’s shorts and shoved them over her hips. He paused for a moment, pulling his head back to give Kim a wicked grin.  “I know my way around.”

Kim smirked back at Jon.  “I bet you do.” 

Jon stared at Kim for a long moment before again taking her mouth, kissing her ferociously. His hands moved to knead the firm globes of Kimberly’s ass as she pressed her hips against his, sandwiching his hard-on between his pelvis and her abdomen.  Her hands slipped around Jon’s waist to his back and she pushed at the waist of his cutoffs, making them slip downward to the swell of his glutes.

Jon growled delightedly at the feel of her warm skin against his shaft and curled his fingers against Kim’s buttocks.  His fingertips slipped under the edge of her turquoise bikini bottoms and he tugged gently.  God, he couldn’t wait to bury his cock inside her, but he wanted to make the most of this foreplay, too.

Pulling his mouth from Kim’s with a soft gasp, Jon took a step back.  Kim’s eyes widened questioningly as his body separated from hers.  Jon pushed firmly on her hips, pinning her gently back against the wall.  “Stay there,” he breathed.  He took another half-step back and sat on the end of the bed, his eyes raking over Kimberly’s body.

Kim held her breath as she watched Jon’s gaze sweep hungrily down her body, over her bare breasts to her taut stomach, then stopping below her navel.  Jon’s grin faded, his full lips relaxing into a fascinated pout as he stared at her crotch, still covered by her turquoise bikini bottom.  His tongue slid across his bottom lip, then he raised his smoldering blue eyes to meet hers.  “Take it off, Baby.”

Kim’s lips parted and her pulse raced at Jon’s husky pant.  There was no way she could resist his command, even if she wanted to.  That voice could make a nun wet.  And she was fucking drenched.

Silently staring back at Jon, Kim moved her hands to her hips.  She slid a thumb under the thin band of blue-green fabric on each side, then pushed downward.  Kimberly held her breath as she slowly guided her bikini bottoms to the tops of her thighs, uncovering the creamy triangle of soft, private skin that had remained untouched by the sun.  

Jon drew in a deep breath as he watched her strip, his lips parted and his pupils dilated with desire. Kim’s lips curved to a sultry little pout as she revealed herself to him.

“Jesus Christ, Baby… you’re so hot…”  Again Jon’s velvety growl sent a surge through Kim’s body as he stared at the small triangle of light brown hair at the apex of her thighs. 

Kim wiggled her hips slightly, parting her thighs so her bikini bottoms could drift down her legs.  When they puddled around her ankles she stepped lightly out of them and her shorts, pushing them aside with one foot.  Then she stood still, steadying herself against the wall and waiting for Jon to make the next move.

Fuuuuuck…. “ Jon groaned, slumping backwards and bracing his hands behind him on the mattress.  Kim’s eyes dropped to Jon’s sturdy cock, which was jutting out of the open fly of his shorts.  She let out her own throaty purr at the sight, remembering how thick he had felt in her mouth.  She yearned to feel that hardness pulsing inside her.

Again Jon raised his eyes to Kim’s.  This time a wicked little smirk crept to his lips as their gazes met.  “Baby… you’re one naughty girl.” His velvety purr was back, sleek and seductive.  “You like to tease guys like me, don’t you?”

Kimberly’s eyes twinkled as returned his smirk.  “Maybe,” she replied coyly.  Her hands were resting lightly against her thighs, and she splayed open her fingers against her soft skin.  “Why?  What do you want?”  Her hands began to drift slowly up her legs.

“Touch yourself, Baby.” Jon’s voice was barely above a whisper.  “Like you want me to touch you.”

Kim hesitated for a moment, a tiny flush of embarrassment washing over her.  She looked at Jon, her hazel eyes glowing as she searched his gaze.

Seeing her reluctance, Jon gave Kim another sexy smile.  “Please, Baby…” he whispered. As if to encourage her, Jon slowly pulled a hand forward to splay over his abdomen, the ends of his long fingers pushing into the thick patch of fur at the base of his cock.  “I want to watch.”

Kim whimpered softly as she watched Jon wrap his hand around his delicious cock.  Her eyes met his again as her own hand drifted up her thigh, angling inward.  Taking a slight step to part her legs further, Kim guided her hand to the cleft between her thighs.

“Oh… yeah, Baby….” Jon breathed as he watched two of Kim’s slender fingers slip between the folds of her pussy.  His eyes moved to her face and he saw her cheeks were tinged with an erotic flush.  Kim’s parted lips were shiny and wet, her eyes a shade darker than they were just a moment ago.  

Jon groaned and gripped his shaft a little tighter, working his hand slowly up and down.  He didn’t want to jack off, but he couldn’t help but stimulate himself a little more as he watched Kimberly further arouse herself.

Kim smiled as she watched Jon’s response to her.  He was certainly enjoying the show.  And FUCK did he look sexy there in the hazy late-afternoon light, half-reclining on that scarlet-sheeted bed, his long, thick tresses tumbling down his back, those skimpy cutoffs open and half-off, his corded, muscular forearm and strong hand flexing and releasing as he worked that delicious dick with a loose fist…. 

Kim’s thighs trembled slightly as they parted a bit more, giving her nimble fingers more room to maneuver as they stroked over her swollen clit.  Kim gave Jon a naughty smirk as her other hand moved to her breast, curving over it and squeezing firmly.  She let out a soft gasp as she rolled her nipple between her thumb and index finger.

The sound was enough for Jon.  “C’mere,” he commanded hoarsely, releasing his cock and sitting upright on the bed.  In a swift movement he grabbed Kim’s wrist, yanking her toward him.  “Jesus, Baby…” Jon gasped as he circled his arms around her waist and buried his face in the valley between Kim’s breasts.

Kim giggled at Jon’s sudden lack of self-control.  She stood between Jon’s legs as he captured one nipple in his mouth, rolling his tongue over the stiff peak before sucking hard.  Kim let out a little gasp as the sensation sent lightning bolts racing through her body, straight to her core.  She raised both hands to sink into Jon’s thick mane as he continued to ravish her tits with his mouth.

“Oh, God!” Kim gasped as one of Jon’s hands pushed between her legs, his fingers gliding easily between her slick lips and curling up into her.  Her head dropped back as she let out a low moan, her hair tumbling down her back.

“Jesus, Baby… you’re so fucking wet…” Jon murmured against her skin.  He nuzzled at her breast as he stroked Kimberly’s pussy, coating his fingers with her juices.  “Will you let me taste you?”

“Yesssss…” Kim hissed, pulsing her hips against Jon’s hand.  He had her on the brink of orgasm already, and his dick hadn’t even touched her pussy.  God only knew what would happen when she felt his mouth on her.

Slipping his hand from between her thighs Jon stood, sliding his body against Kim’s.  He groaned as his iron-hard cock rubbed over Kim’s crotch, her soft hair stroking over his rigid flesh.  Sinking his hand into her hair and cradling the back of her head, Jon kissed Kim feverishly as he guided her to turn around so her back was to the bed.  Keeping his mouth on hers, he eased her to first sit, then to recline back on the bed.

Kim lay panting on her back, gazing at Jon with stormy, passion-filled eyes as he pulled away from the kiss.  He stared back at her for a moment before quickly slithering down her body to kneel on the floor at the foot of the bed.  With a feral growl of delight Jon hooked Kim’s knees over his shoulders, then grasped her hips.  Kim let out a little squeak of surprise when Jon pulled her downward on the bed so that her ass was just on its edge.

“Jo…AAAAHHH!” Kim cried out as Jon lowered his mouth to her, his tongue pushing between her slick folds to worry her clit.  Her thighs clenched as the erotic sensation threatened to carry her away.  Breathing deeply, Kim fought to maintain control of her body.  She whimpered softly when she felt Jon’s soft hair tickle against her thighs as he devoured her.

Grabbing a fistful of crimson bedsheet with one hand, Kim pushed herself up onto an elbow.  She looked down at the gorgeous man between her thighs, her eyes widening as she watched him lap at her pussy.  It was such a deliciously dirty sight:  Jon’s eyes were closed, his shaggy bangs falling down over his brows and his long locks draping over her thighs as his chiseled jaw flexed with his ministrations.  Kim whimpered again, unable to look away.

Feeling Kim’s gaze on him, Jon opened his eyes.  He paused and smirked up at her, his lips full and his chin shiny with her juices.  “Do you like this, Kim?”  He knew damned well she did, but he wanted her to say it, to talk dirty to him.

“Yes.” Kim breathed.

What do you like?”  Jon’s persuasive purr coaxed her to say the words.

Kim inhaled deeply, flushing a bit more as she replied.  “You eating my pussy….” she whispered huskily.

“Do you want more?”

Kim hesitated, then slowly shook her head.

Jon’s eyebrows arched at her response.  “No?”  He saw in Kim’s passion-filled eyes what she really wanted, but he was still playing his game.  “Then what do you want, Baby?”

Kim looked Jon straight in the eye.  “Fuck me.”

August 3, 2010

Chapter 8


“I…” Kim breathed out the syllable, but she couldn’t complete the thought.  There was SO much she wanted; she didn’t know where to start.  Hell, just the feel of Jon’s hands wrapped around hers was enough to make her weak.

“Do you want me to touch you?”  Jon’s eyes narrowed slightly as his smirk turned naughty.  His purr was husky, persuasive. 

“Yes.”  Kim nodded breathlessly.   GOD, yes…

“Where do you want me to touch you, Kim?”  Jon’s right hand loosened around hers, then pulled away.  “Here?”  Jon’s hand curved over Kim’s breast, squeezing gently.  Kim drew in a sharp breath as her body instinctively arched toward his touch, the stiff peak of her nipple drilling against Jon’s palm through the thin fabric of her bikini top.  Her reaction was met with a throaty chuckle.

Kim groaned softly as Jon kneaded her breast and leaned into engage her in another heated kiss.  She pulled her hand free from Jon’s and raised it to his hard chest, combing her fingertips through his chest hair and brushing her thumb over his nipple.  Kim smiled against Jon’s mouth at his sharp intake of breath.

“What else do you want, Kim?” Jon murmured against her lips.  “Tell me.”

Kim pulled back, giving Jon a hungry stare.  Her mind was slowly starting to work, formulating a plan.   Silently she reached up to the back of her neck, tugging on the strings of her bikini top.  “I want to feel you,” she answered huskily.  The bow came loose and the turquoise fabric slackened then slid downward, exposing her round, firm breasts. 
Jon grinned, quickly moving his hands to her back.  Eagerly he yanked loose the strings under Kim’s shoulder blades and pulled the scrap of blue-green fabric away from her body.  Nudging aside the halves of her ripped tee, Jon cupped his hands over Kim’s breasts.  They fit perfectly into his palms. 

His eyes bright with arousal, Jon watched his hands as he splayed his fingers, revealing Kim’s taut, rosy nipples between them.  “Christ, Baby… you have beautiful tits.” 

Kim giggled softly in response, arching toward him.  Remembering what Kim said she wanted, Jon slid his hands to her shoulders and pushed the shredded tee away, down her arms until it fell to the floor.  Then he pulled her against his chest.

“Oh!” Kim gasped with delight as she felt the hard, furred warmth of Jon’s pecs mashing against her breasts.  Jon growled softly in response, his lips close to her ear as his arms tightened around her waist.  He swayed slightly from side to side, rubbing against her, enjoying the feel of her supple breasts yielding to his hard muscles.  Jesus it felt good.

“What do you want?”  Kim’s voice was soft in his ear.  She could feel his erection pressing hard against her stomach; there was a pretty obvious answer to her question.

Jon pulled an arm from around Kim’s waist and captured her hand with his.  “Touch me, Baby….” He guided Kim’s hand to his crotch, pressing her palm against his fly.

Kimberly smirked as she grasped Jon’s cock through the supple denim of his ragged cutoffs.  Jon let out a groan and pressed his torso harder against Kim’s, sliding his pecs against her breasts to stimulate her more.  “Fuck… God, Baby… Yeah….” 

Kim responded to Jon’s verbalization by giving his shaft a long, firm squeeze before sliding the flat of her palm down the length of him and curling her fingers under his balls.  She felt him shudder as she gently massaged his testicles, a thin strip of frayed denim the only thing separating her hand from his skin.

“Kim.” Jon breathily exhaled her name as she continued to stroke him. Gripping her hips firmly, Jon again leaned down to devour her mouth.  When they parted Kim and Jon stared at each other for a long moment, both breathing heavily.

Kimberly gave Jon’s dick another long squeeze as she gazed into his blue eyes, now blazing with barely-contained lust.  Immediately Jon’s lids half-closed as his mouth dropped open in a low moan.  “Fuck, Baby…”

Emboldened by Jon’s response, Kim took the lead.  “What else do you want?”  Her purr was low and naughty as her fingers traveled up the seam of his fly, then dipped under his waistband.  Kim felt Jon’s sticky pre-cum coat her fingertips as they stroked lightly over his cock’s swollen tip.

Jon’s hands went immediately to Kim’s shoulders and pushed downward.  Kim chuckled softly, knowing exactly what that cue meant.  She was no prude; she had given her share of head.  But she wasn’t going down on him quite so easily.

Kim leaned in close to Jon again, rubbing her nipples against his chest as she buried her face in his thick, soft hair.  “Do you taste good?” she whispered in his ear before nipping at Jon’s lobe.

“Oh yeah,” Jon growled.  His hands were still on Kim’s shoulders and again he pushed eagerly downward.  “C’mon Baby.”

Kim dropped her mouth to the curve of Jon’s shoulder and sucked lightly before drawing her tongue downward over the hard curve of Jon’s pec.  She savored the salty tang of his sweat and the roughness of his fur against her tongue for a long moment before pulling her mouth away and slowly sinking to her knees.

Kimberly glanced up and saw Jon looking down at her, his lips parted with anticipation as his chest heaved with labored breaths.  His glorious hair hung in long, lush curtains on either side of his face, and his cobalt eyes glowed with need.  His beauty took Kim’s breath away. 

It made her want to taste him.

With an eager smirk curling her lips, Kim’s hands went to Jon’s fly.  They trembled slightly with excitement as she fumbled with the button.  She could feel Jon’s cock pulsing under her fingers, begging to be released.  Finally she succeeded in pushing the button through its hole and drew down the zipper.  Kim and Jon let out a simultaneous gasp as his shaft sprang free, demanding her attention.

“Oh, Baby…” Jon rasped.  “C’mon… blow me.  Please.”  He was almost desperate to feel Kim’s lips around him, to push his hardness into her warm, wet mouth.  He just knew she would give amazing head.  The quiet ones always did.

Kimberly chuckled huskily at Jon’s plaintive demand.  It was funny how quickly a man could be reduced to begging when a woman’s lips wandered near his dick.  Her eyes dropped to Jon’s crotch and she regarded his straining member.  It looked luscious.

Kim licked her lips then lowered her mouth to Jon’s cock.  She heard him groan as she encircled just the tip with her lips, closing them gently around his head.  Pausing, she raised her eyes to meet Jon’s.  When their gazes locked she let a naughty smirk curl the corners of her mouth, her lips remaining on him.

FUCK… Kim!” Jon gasped.  That look ignited him, shook him to his core.  It was the sexiest Goddamn thing he had seen in a long time:  her lush lips encircling his cock, that devilish little grin…  There was no doubt she knew exactly what she was doing to him.  And she liked it.

Jon’s hands went to Kim’s head, his long fingers tangling in her thick, damp hair.  He couldn’t stop his hips from pushing forward, urging her to take him more fully into her mouth.  Kim chuckled at his eager response, the noise humming against his shaft and enhancing the already-fantastic sensation.  Her hands moved to Jon’s hips, gripping his warm flesh just above the cutoffs that had drifted down to the tops of his thighs.

Kim slackened her jaw as she guided Jon’s hips forward, pushing his cock into her mouth and against the back of her throat.  Jon’s fingers tightened against Kim’s scalp as he groaned, then gasped loudly as she closed her lips around him and sucked hard.  Kim leaned back, sliding her lips along Jon’s shaft as she moved.  Jon moaned in response, pushing his hands against her head to resist her withdrawal.  Again he thrusted his hips forward as he held her head still.

Kim sucked harder on Jon’s cock, swirling her tongue around the head.  “Oh FUCK!” Jon exclaimed with delight.  Then he began to pulse his hips forward, his hands guiding Kim’s head in opposing rhythm as he fucked her mouth.

Kimberly let out her own little groan as Jon’s head pressed against the back of her throat while she fellated him.  Her fingertips dug into the hard muscles of his ass as she hung on to his hips, encouraging him to keep up his rhythm.  Every so many pulses she tilted her head slightly, dragging her lips over Jon’s shaft as she paused to stroke him with her tongue.  Jon’s thighs trembled in response to her every move.

Shifting slightly on her knees Kim pulled a hand from Jon’s hip and reached under her chin to his crotch.  She eagerly pushed her fingers inside Jon’s half-removed cutoffs to palm his testicles.  She fondled them roughly as she sucked harder on the pulsing length of rigid flesh in her mouth.

“Kim!” Jon yelped. “Stop!  Stop stop stop stop stop….”  He gasped out the word in rapid repetition as his hands fisted in her hair, holding her head still. 

Kimberly immediately froze, not daring to move her mouth or her hands.  She could tell Jon was barely holding on to his orgasm; his balls were tight and full and his dick was engorged and twitching inside her mouth.  After a long moment Kim eased her jaws apart.  Being careful not to drag her lips along his skin Kim released Jon’s cock from her mouth.

Jon whimpered softly at the feel of the cool air brushing over his wet, sticky shaft.  Normally he would have just sat back and enjoyed the ride, gladly cumming in the girl’s mouth.  But he only had a limited amount of time with Kim and he wanted more from her than just a blowjob, though her skills were considerable.  He wanted to fuck her properly and thoroughly.  He couldn’t afford to shoot his wad this early.

Kim looked up at Jon’s stormy, gorgeous face.  “What now?”  Her husky voice couldn’t hide a tremble of excitement.  “What else do you want?”  The coy smirk returned to her full, wet lips.

Jon grabbed Kim’s hand from his hip and took a half-step back, urging her to her feet.  Quickly hiking his cutoffs up over his ass with his other hand but not bothering to close the fly, Jon gave Kim a long, heated stare.  “The same thing you do.”

With that he turned and strode for the bedroom door, pulling Kimberly in his wake.

July 27, 2010

Chapter 7


Kim nodded breathlessly, her cheeks flushing as Jon smiled at her again.  He tipped his head toward the concrete steps leading to the second floor.  “I’m up top.”  His voice was slightly husky, tinged with excitement.  Together they turned, Kim silently following his lead as Jon headed for the stairs.

When they reached the landing Kim paused as Jon stepped toward the nearest door.  “Here we are,” he announced, turning the knob.  The unlocked door swung easily inward.  “After you.”

Kim hesitated for a second before brushing past Jon to step through the doorway.  She heard him inhale as she passed, and her pulse raced.  She stopped just steps inside the door, gulping in a breath and trying to remain calm.  Oh My God.  They were alone.  In his apartment.

As she tried to maintain her composure Kim’s eyes traveled around the small apartment.  She was somewhat surprised at what she saw.  It certainly didn’t look like the kind of place a rock star would live.

She was standing in a sparsely-furnished, rather messy living room.  Sunlight filtered in between the slats of  yellowed plastic vertical blinds screening a sliding glass door that led out onto a tiny deck.  Matted beige carpet stretched across the floor between dingy white walls that were adorned with tacked-up posters of rock legends and scantily-clad women. 

An ugly brown couch sat against one wall, fronted by a battered coffee table strewn with papers, magazines, empty soda cans, and fast-food wrappers.  On the opposite wall a shelving unit fashioned from concrete blocks and two-by-fours held a large television and VCR.  Videotapes and audio cassettes were piled haphazardly on both sides of the TV.

Beside the television stand stood a glass-fronted walnut cabinet holding an expensive-looking stereo.  Three-foot-high speakers sat in opposite corners of the room.  Two guitars, one acoustic and one electric, leaned against the sides of the stereo cabinet like stylish bookends.

Kim’s eyes drifted to the other side of the apartment where a round glass-topped dinette table and chairs sat in a small nook next to a tiny kitchen.  Her gaze returned to center and she saw a short hall directly in front of her, leading to an open door.  Through the doorway Kim could see the end of an unmade bed, its rumpled red sheets spilling off the mattress and onto the floor.  A jolt of heat shot through Kim’s core at the idea of Jon’s hard body reclining naked in the bed, draped in those scarlet sheets.  Her lips parted as a soft little sigh escaped her at that thought.

Jon pushed the door shut with a quiet click and watched Kim as she evaluated his apartment.  The amused little smile on her luscious lips made his own mouth water.  He was dying to see if those lips tasted as sweet as they looked. 

Jon could practically read Kim’s thoughts as she looked around:  “THIS is where he lives?”  He chuckled softly.  “Sorry, it’s kinda a mess.  I wasn’t expecting company, and I’m not much of a housekeeper.”

Kim visibly started at his words.  “Oh!  No… it’s…”

“A fleabag, I know.  But it’s MY fleabag.”  Jon grinned self-depricatingly as he heard Kim’s nervous giggle.  “A real bachelor pad, as you can see.  Nothing matches, no curtains, hardware-store special furniture…”  He gave Kim a little wink when she turned to look at him.  “No woman’s touch.  And I’m sure I left the toilet seat up.”

Kim could hardly breathe as she stared into Jon’s gleaming blue eyes.  He was so close, only a short step away, between her and the door.  She could feel the heat of his body and his musky scent filled her senses.  “I… it’s…. nice.”  She didn’t know what else to say.

“Thanks.”  Jon stared at Kim for another long minute.  When he spoke again his voice was huskier.  “You want something to drink?”

“Umm… water?”  Kim asked meekly.

Jon nodded.  “Okay.”  Giving in to his urge to touch her, he reached out to gently brush his hand over her arm.  “You can drop your bag anywhere.”

Jon’s touch sent a shiver of pleasure racing through Kim’s body.  As his words sunk in she realized she was still holding her backpack slung over her shoulder.  She had been so caught up in her surroundings and Jon’s closeness that she had completely forgotten why she was here:  to shower and change for work.  “Oh.  Umm…  Where’s your bathroom?”

“It’s through there.”  Jon pointed down the hall.  “You have to go through the bedroom to get to it.”

Kim’s heart leapt into her throat.  Holy SHIT…  Suddenly she was very nervous.  She had really wanted to be alone with Jon, hoping that a little privacy would lead to…. what?  She could hardly believe that he was interested in her, that he seemed to feel the same intense sexual attraction that she felt.  But the evidence was right before her, in Jon’s piercing blue eyes.  The lust in his gaze was unmistakable.

Jon watched Kim’s reaction to his words, smiling as she chewed on her bottom lip.  He knew she wanted him; he had learned long ago to read the signs.  And now that the opportunity was presented she was nervous.  Relax, Baby… he thought, confident that in a moment he would put her at ease.  All it would take was one kiss. 

“Let me get you that water.”   Jon stepped past Kim, heading for the kitchen. 

Kim stood frozen for a moment before moving slowly over to the table. She slid her backpack from her shoulder and set it on the glass top, then closed her eyes.  She willed her racing pulse to calm, even as she craved more stimulation.  Kim heard the soft slam of the refrigerator door, then the crackle of ice cubes being popped from a tray, then the clink of the cubes inside a glass.  The soft swish of water running from the tap followed.

Kimberly opened her eyes and turned to face Jon, just as he moved toward her.  She hardly breathed as he approached, stopping a scant step in front of her.  Jon handed her the glass.  “Here.”

“Thanks,” Kim croaked.  She took a quick gulp of water, thankful for the ice he had thought to include.   The chilly liquid soothed her suddenly-parched throat.

Jon watched as Kim drank, trying to maintain his cool countenance.  Christ, he wanted to touch her.  When he had wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him during the shoot he could hardly contain his arousal.  Her flesh was so firm yet yielding, her skin so soft.  When she raised her face to look at him, he knew it was time.

Jon gently took the glass from Kim’s hand, then leaned toward her as he reached to set it on the table behind her.  She shrunk slightly back from him, letting out a soft gasp of surprise.  Jon moved his hand to brush back a strand of damp, dark hair from Kim’s face.  His other hand went to her waist as he dipped his head to capture her mouth with his. 

Kim saw stars at the touch of Jon’s lips.  Then she felt his hand on her arm, warm and comforting, as his mouth gently caressed hers.  God, his lips were so soft… just like they looked.  “Mmmmm….” she sighed as she tilted her head slightly, submitting to his kiss.  Her lips parted, accepting his tongue as it pushed inside to stroke hers.  Of their own accord her hands went to Jon’s chest, her palms resting lightly against the soft tee that draped his hard pecs.

Jon grinned as he pulled back to look at Kim.  She looked dazed, but there was a sexy smirk curving the corners of her pretty mouth.  “You’ve been wanting me to do that,” he observed softly.

“Yes,” she breathed, her cheeks flushed.

Kim’s husky admission made Jon’s cock throb with excitement.  “What else do you want me to do?”

Kim blushed, fluttering her lashes shyly as she looked away from his face, to her hands against his chest.  Her fingers moved to trace over the pendant hanging from his neck.  “Well… you could start by taking your shirt off.”  She surprised herself with her response.  It was unlike her to be so forward; usually she let the guy set the pace.  But Kim couldn’t help herself.  There was something about Jon that emboldened her.

“Okay.”  Jon reached for the hem of his ripped tee and stripped it from his body, slinging it aside.  He gave Kim a sexy grin.  “Your turn.”

Kim’s eyes widened, but her smirk remained.  Without a word her hands went to her midriff, her fingers curling under the rolled edge of her makeshift tank that was pulled tight against her skin.  She tugged at the fabric for a moment before realizing she would have to loosen it before she could pull it up over her breasts.  Nicki had tied her shirt up tightly in the back when they were fashioning their photo shoot wardrobe.  “Umm…”  Kim’s cheeks flushed even more as she reached behind her back, fumbling with the knot of fabric there.

Jon chortled.  “Do you have a particular attachment to this shirt?” he asked, his eyes twinkling.

“No, not really.”  Kim’s fingers scrabbled over the knot, looking for a way to loosen it.  But it wasn’t budging.  Dammit, Nicki…

“Good.”  Kim let out a little squeak of surprise as Jon reached for her neck.  He grasped the ragged neckline of the t-shirt with both hands and yanked.  The thin fabric ripped easily, exposing Kim’s tanned chest and turquoise bikini top.  Jon tugged a little harder and the fabric unrolled from its band under her breasts, the tear extending to the shorn bottom of Kim’s tee.  With a final tug the t-shirt separated into two halves, hanging loosely over Kim’s now-heaving chest.

Kim’s knees felt weak as she stared into Jon’s hypnotic blue eyes.  She was hopelessly turned on by his aggressive move; he had literally ripped the covering from her bosom, like some plundering scoundrel in a Harlequin romance novel.

“I’ll get you a new one,” Jon murmured as again his mouth descended to Kim’s.  He kissed her provocatively, delighted when she responded with equal fervor.  Again their tongues tangled and Jon’s hands went to Kim’s shoulders.  He slid his palms lightly over her skin, down her arms to her hands.  His fingers closed around hers, squeezing gently.

Pulling his mouth from hers with a soft gasp, Jon rested his forehead against Kim’s for a moment before pulling back to smirk at her again.  Her beautiful hazel eyes were dark with desire and her lips were full and shiny, swollen from the kiss.  “So… what else do you want, Kim?”  His voice was barely above a whisper, more of a honeyed purr.  It was the sound of pure sex. 

Kim’s womb clenched at the question.  Jesus, she wanted HIM.  To ask her to communicate with words what she craved was almost cruel.  She could barely remember her own name let alone tell Jon that she wanted him to make her continue to feel like she was feeling, only better, sweatier, harder, faster, wetter… 

Kim’s head spun as she considered the many possibilities.  Only now they weren’t just possibilities.  All she had to do was answer…